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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Daily Focus #15 St. Joseph's RC Church, Upminster

Entrance to the church. Photograph is author's own.

St. Josephs Roman Catholic Church, Champion Road, Upminster, London RM14 was designed by Marshall and Archard and completed in 1939. Photograph taken during the Twentieth Century Society event 'Upminster - The Garden Suburb' on Saturday 23rd June 2012. The tour was led by John Goodier and included visits to St. Laurence Parish Church, Upminster library, Upminster Baptist Church and the South Essex Crematorium, as well as examples of Art Deco housing and various suburban housing types.

Interior. Photograph is author's own.

Interior.Photograph is author's own.

Stained glass window above the entrance. Photograph is author's own.

Inscription reading 'IN CRVCE LATEBAT SOLA DEITAS AT HIC LATET SIMVL ET HVMANITAS' meaning 'On the Cross the Divinity and the Humanity of Christ is revealed' and a symbol of the dove representing the Holy Spirit above the altar. Photograph is author's own.

Front of the church from Champion Road. Photograph is author's own. 
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