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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Daily Focus #18 Upminster Windmill

Upminster Windmill.

Upminster Windmill, St. Mary's Lane, London Borough of Havering, RM14 was built by James Nokes, a local farmer in 1803. The mill was originally part of a small complex which included cottages, storage for grain and flour, a bakery, coal and steam houses, animal housing, a granary and a Mill House.

The windmill was in use until 1910 and produced flour for the local community and then continued to be used in a reduced capacity until 1934. The windmill was listed at Grade II* status in 1955, and therefore protected from demolition along with the outbuildings in 1960. The windmill reopened for visitors in 1968 after repairs had been carried out including replacement of timbers and waterproofing. Further repairs continued throughout the 1970s and 80s and the Friends of Upminster Windmill was formed in 2001.

Excavation work is currently ongoing on the site in the area surrounding the mill in order to uncover the exact locations of the buildings. Extensive excavation of the Mill House has uncovered many interesting artefacts including pottery and porcelain, ironmongery, fittings, tiles and some sculptures. Havering Council, in partnership with The Friends of Upminster Windmill have recently received funding for the Heritage Lottery fund (HLF) for the restoration of the site. There are also plans (as of March 2013) to apply for a larger grant in order to restore the Mill House and surrounding buildings.

Thank you to the Friends of Upminster Windmill for the guided tour. For further information on the Windmill and details of their open days and to arrange a tour please visit their website:

Photographs are author's own.  

The windmill from Windmill Field.
Detail of the windmill fan.
Detail of the balcony and weatherboarding.
Inside the windmill.
A gear inside the windmill used to turn the grinding stones.
Stairs to the top of the windmill.

Excavation of the Mill House (photograph taken in March 2013) 

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