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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Daily Focus #22 Polish Social and Cultural Centre

Elevation detail above the entrance.

Polish Social and Cultural Centre, 238-246 King Street, London W6 was designed by M. F. Grzesik and was completed in 1971. The centre is located beside Ravenscourt Park and provides education and cultural facilities for the local Polish community. The building is constructed from reinforced concrete with columns which taper out from the base and then in towards the top of the elevation. The entrance is formed by a recess which is accessed from a ramp and steps leading up from King Street, the main high street in Hammersmith. In contrast with the mostly Victorian street pattern, the bold main elevation is finished in two tones of concrete; a lighter tone for the top half, and then a darker tone for the infill and lower portions. Photographs copyright Laurence Mackman.

King Street elevation.
Elevation detail showing the two tones  of concrete.

Detail of the structure and neighbouring building

Detail of the elevation and recessed entrance space.
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